Who Dun It Art Camp

Who Dun It Art Camp

It's the Who Dun It? art camp and it's been created by Jagner himself (the creator of the best camp in existence)


  1. Follow the average art camp rules on the Total Drama Island Camp Wiki
  2. Have Fun!


Starts after five people join. Anyone can join at any time. The winner is the person who gets the best average mark when I get bored or when the camp dies, or the last person standing that is not eliminated. (After being eliminated you can't rejoin until a winner has been announced.

  1. Rex (you know who i am :D and i think i have the best camp in exsitant :D)
  2. I'm bad at art but ill join She's Blainerific! S-s-so terrific! I'm fa-fa-famous! Famous! 14:54, June 4, 2011 (UTC)
  3. Zannabanna (Hey Could y'all join my Art camp on TDCamps it called Total Drama: Art! link is!)

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