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Sign-up are now officially closed

  1. Johnny - First123
  2. Rex - Kokori9
  3. Tsela- BlaineleyRox222
  4. Tyran - Kokori9
  5. Danno- Jagner
  6. Skyla- BlaineleyRox222
  7. Harriet- Sierra
  8. Amethyst-Sierra
  9. Nate-Natedog14
  10. Suzy-Natedog14
  11. Gunter- Zannabanna
  12. Eve- Zannabanna
  13. Victoria-First123

Elimination tableEdit

Place Name 1 2 3
11th Amethyst SAFE SAFE DEAD
12th Victoria SAFE DEAD
13th Harriet DEAD

 Template:ColorboxSAFE-This character was not injured or killed in this episode.

Template:ColorboxSAFE-This Character was injured in this episode.

Template:ColorboxDEAD-This Character was killed in this episode.

Room/Group ChartEdit

Rooms Groups
Room 1 Jagner and Rex
Room 2 Johnny and Tyran
Room 3 Tsela and Skyla
Room 4 Danno and Nate
Room 5 Eve and Victoria
Room 6 Harriet and Suzy
Rooms 7 Amethyst and Gunter

Additional InformationEdit

For a guarenteed spot in the sequel sign up here. In the sequel it will be as if none of this ever happened, so feel free to use the same characters. It takes place in a small town and you controll a whole family but one in particular. write your main one in Italics. Sign up with a first name and a last name. Sign up like this:

The Horolds

Jagner Horold (Mr. Horold, age 36)

Georgia Horold (Mrs Horold, age 37)

Mike Horold (son age 3)

The McArlistan's

Meleina McArlistan ( age 26, Mrs McArlistan)

Damien McArlistan (age 27, Mr McArlistan)

Iveya McArlistan (Age 18, daughter, Quenly's twin)

Quenly McArlistan (Age 18, daughter, Iveya's twin)

Skyla McArlistan ( Age 17, daughter)

The Drago's (note: their parents died :P so they relie on rex's job to keep them alive :D)

Rex Drago (brother, age 16)

Nathan Drago (brother, age 15)

Tyran Drago (brother, age 14)

Lia Drago (sister, age 13)

Samantha Drago (sister, age 12)

Kat Drago (sister, age 11)

Nathaniel Drago (brother, age 10)

Ryan Drago (brother, age 9)

The Waters (Note:Their Sister is the head)

Sammi Waters (Sister age 17)

Peter Waters: (Brother: age 15)

Hannah Waters (Sister age 13)

Jon Waters: (Brother age 11)

Hayley Waters ( Sister age 9)

Brit Waters (See Hayley)

The Wizsons

Benson Wizson(Father: Age 34)

Jade Wizson(Mother: Age 33)

Daffy Wizson(Brother: Age 16)

Julia Wizson(Sister: Age 15)

Elmer Wizson(Brother: Age 14)

Curt Wizson(Brother: Age 13)


Jagner: Hello and welcome to my mansion (Two in three seconds, how'd that happen?)

Rex: brother >_> (cuase we your friends :D)

Jagner: Good to see you, glad you could make it

Johnny: *Arrives*Hey, dude good to see ya again!

Rex: *growls* you know i don't like you (backstory :D)

Johnny: Yeah, I know...

Jagner: And Johnny, you really helped me out back in the 8th grade

Johnny: Yeah, I think it was P.E. and writing.

Rex: not you jhonny >_> Jagner

Johnny: No I secretly ran over your game system.(xD)

Jagner: Please quiet down a little, I don't want to be embarresed when the other guest arrive.

Rex: that was jagners

Johnny: Oh*Gives Jagner a new system*I got a new one and I stopped using it so here.

Jagner: Please keep it, I've already got it.

Johnny: So you have finally gotten manners?

Rex: so where are we staying?

Jagner: Upstairs, you'll be sharing rooms with someone else

Rex: meh *drags his suitcase upstairs*

Jagner: Rex, you'll be sharing with me so room 1

Rex: *sarcastically* good choice >_> *goes into the room*

Jagner: And here comes another guest, Tsela

Tsela: Hello Jagner, how lovely to see you! Do you know where I am staying?

Rex: Tsela >_>

Tsela: Oh I mean which room am I staying in?

Jagner: Upstairs, room number three

Tsela: Thank you! *Goes up to room* Oh, how darling this room is! *Unpacks stuff*

Rex: Tsela >_>

Tsela: What? is there something wrong with my name? well my real name is Lisa Burgundy Jameson. Gasp! i wasnt supposed to tell anyone! oops!

(Rex: he's just mean by nature :D)

Tsela: Well, I love this house so much! Its brilliant!

Rex: it should be mine >_>

Tsela: Jagner, do you have room service? *rings bell* Room service!

Jagner: Yes I do! *Calls room service over to Tsela

Tsela: Ooh hello! May I have a cup of tea and a little buiscit please?(Kokori, are you going to carry on with elementon's anytime soon?) (it's on just talk in it >_> if your in it)

Room Service: As you wish *Gets Tsela what she wants*

Rex: meh (Jagner, mabye we could have two characters... becuase there's only three sign-ups at the moment)

(That's not a bad idea. I'll expand the signups.)

Jagner: Another guest has arrived, please come in Tyran

Tyran: You were a good cashier :) glad to see you've been a success

Jagner: Thanks old boss! *welcomes Tyran inside*

Rex: Tyran is here? >_<

Tyran: yes i am >_>

Rex: GAH!!!

Jagner: Please calm down! Rex, what's gotten into you

Rex: *storms off into his room and slams the door shut* (i wants to make him mean :D)

Skyla: *Arrives*

Harriet: *arrives formally as well as Amethyst does* Hi Jagner.

Amethyst:Hello Jagner.

Nate: Hi-* Sees Janger* Jagge!!! *Hugs him* i Missed YOU! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!

Suzy: OMG its Jagge!!!!!!! HI JAGGE! (HAHAHAHA)

Rex: >_< *slams door harder* (sierra you need to post the info on the talk page :P)

Jagner: Hello all of you. Just waiting for three more guests.

Johnny: *Reads a book about Tony Hawk*

Eva: hello Jagner

Gunter: Hello Jagner

Jagner: Hello guys, I'm very glad all thirteen of you have managed to make it. (last five mins until sign-ups close!)

Victoria: So when the arrivals are done what happens?

Jagner: There will a half hour of you guys chatting to each other, whilst I prepare a feast. Then we will eat.

Victoria: Okay...

45 min chatEdit

Jagner: Please chat while I prepare the feast. (You can not talk to me. I will not be back for half an hour. Do not talk to Zanna's characters as he is currently banned until tommorow. Stir up tension)

Nate: i wonder what he will make us. i bet it is chicken tenders that is his favorite food!

Victoria: Yeah....

Johnny: And even I didn't know what his favorite food was.

(This chat has been extended to 45 mins)

Nate: i know because i am his brother!

Suzy: Nice to meet you all.

Victoria: Yeah, nice to meet you.

Johnny: Hmm, I'll just start reading or do something for the next 45 minutes.

Jagner: I just finished! That was much faster than I had expected!

Johnny: Great.

The FeastEdit

(Pay very close attension)

Everyone has their favourite foods placed in front of them. Whether it is french fries of chicken, it's in front of the person who wanted it most. Jagner definitely knows everyone well. (please chat)

Johnny: Chocolate Chip Waffles!!

Victoria: Yeah, Celery Dogs!(Just like hot dogs but celery instead of the sausage)

Nate: Itailan water crest!

Suzy: Ravioli!

Danno: That's the best looking burger I've ever seen!

Victoria: Wait, I'm not hungry....*mumbling and nobody heard her*This is suspicious.

Jagner: Well then! Dig in!

Johnny: *Begins to eat*

Victoria: *Stands still*

Then suddenly the lights go off. Everyone is silent. Everyone is scared. ‘Another power problem’ says Jagner, ‘I’ll go off and fix it, you all stay here.’ There is a bump, a shake of what sounded like salt, and before long the lights all go back on and Jagner returns.

Johnny: What the?

Danno: That was odd wasn't it?

Jagner: It happens all the time don't worry. It hopefully didn't affect anyone's apetite. *starts eating*

Victoria: *Grabs a celery dog*Strange, though.

Five minutes pass and everyone eats silently

Jagner: I don't feel very well please excuse me I am going to lie down for a bit. *goes upstairs*

Victoria: *Stops eating*Hmm...

Johnny: *Continues to eat*

Danno: Perhaps someone should go up and check on him? Not me though, this burger's too good! *takes a huge bite*

This camp has recommenced

Skyla: *Eats pizza* Yummy!

Danno: Seriously, one of us should check,

Tsela: I will.......

As Tsela is walking up the steep stairs there is an eerie silence. She opens the door to room one to find a dead Jagner, with AVENGE ME! Written on the wall

Tsela: *Screams really loud*

Danno: What's going on! *walks in* Holly S***

Rex: *dashes upstairs* oh no O_O...

Skyla: *Runs upstairs, then screams*

Tsela: It's horrible! *starts crying* Jagner!!!

Danno: He was one of the greatest men in board game making buisness, and now he's dead! *starts crying*

Tyran: who could have done this...

Danno: We must find out and avenge Jagner!!!

Skyla: *Cries and hugs Danno* he was my best friend in high school..

Tsela: It's ok Skyla, we'll find out.... (I have to go to school be back soon)

Danno: Remember that noise in the dark! That must of been poison being put into the meal! One of us is faking it! One of us murdered Jagner!

Skyla: *Finds poison bottle* there! the bottle! (that's kinda god-modding, at least search first...)

Tsela: It's just salt, Skyla!

Skyla: Oops.. (GTG bye!)

Rex: i'm not sleeping in there anymore... (cuase there's a dead body :D he was sharing room one with jagner :P)

Tsela: But... er.... where will you sleep then?

Looking for clues...

Danno: I'm off to look for clues *searches around the kitchen*

Rex: i'll sleep on the couch, Tesla *goes to the phone to ring the morgue person...*

  • The phone is dead...*

The Kitchen (Crime scene 1.1)Edit

Rex: mabye his meal was poisoned...

Tyran: *searches for poison* no, no ye- no

Rex: *searches in the cupboard*

Eve: *searches fridge for possible poison*

Gunter: *looks in fridge*

Eve: *finds a plain bottle of yellow liquid* Could this be poison?

Bottle: *has bannana juice written on it*

Eve: *turns bottle to see label* oh!

Danno: I don't think that there would be any clues in the kitchen otherwise all of the meals would be poisoned. I'm going to check the dining room.

Eva and Gunter: me two!

The Dining Room (crime scene 1)Edit

Tsela: Well, when the lights went out, somebody poisoned the meal.... but who?

Tyran: are we sure it's poison? mabye he had a heart attack... (exteremly unlikly XD)

Skyla: Well, when the lights went out, somebody shaked a bottle do you remember?

Rex: true... and the lights were out long enough for any of us to get out of their seat run over to jagner, poison his meal and get back in their seat...

Tsela: We heard a bump, yes?

Tyran: the sound of someone getting out of their seat

Skyla: Not trying to point my finger at people, but Victoria was acting suspicious wasn't she?

Rex: true... she said that the dinner was suspicoius

Tsela: She was standing up wasn't she?

Rex: so she couldn't have made the bump sound could she... or mabye she could have...

Skyla: *Shouts* SORRY VICTORIA!! But Amethyst was Jagner's enemy at school, She wasn't to thrilled to be there.... (Skyla knows Amethyst, they were in the same class)

Danno: I don't think anyone could hold a grudge on Jagner for too long, he's really nice, and creates brilliant board games

Tyran: and he was short on most of your pays...

Tsela: Let's search for the poison bottle, yes?

Danno: *searches*

Skyla: I'm going to rest.

Tsela: *searches*

Rex: i'm going to see if i can nget a signel for my phone

Tsela: *finds blue jewel* Whats this?

Danno: That's my souvineer from Japan! *picks it up* (That has nothing to do with anything. say character: *looks under chair* or something. not Character: *found something)

Rex's phone: *explodes*

Tsela: Aaah! *Looks under tablecloth* (I have to go bye :P)

  • Tsela finds nothing

Rex: GAH *coughs* and just when i got a signal

Tsela: *Looks under chair coushons*

Tyran: *checks near jagners plate*

Tsela: *Check's under Victoria's, Amethyst's and Gunter's chairs.*

  • Under Gunter's chair Tsela finds an open salt bottle with a skull on it. Gunters seat is next to Jagner's.

Gunter and Eve: *arrive and start looking for clues*

Danno: *sees the poison bottle on the ground* Nobody touch that! it will have the murdurers fingerprints on it!

(Zanna: It wasn't gunter because he is about to get sick from food poisoning)

Gunter: *starts coughing*

Danno: Are you OK???

Tsela: Help him! Get him to his room!

(plz don't say if your character is or isn't the killer. i love the suspense :D and it ruines it for everyone >_>)

Skyla: Oh my gosh, is Gunter okay??

Danno: Gunter are you OK???

Tsela and Skyla: *Carry Gunter to his room*

The BedroomsEdit

To enter a bedroom simply say Character enters cabin whatever.

Skyla:*watches simpsons on tv*

Homer: D'uh

Bart: Hicurramba

TV: *suddenly turns off*

Skyla: *Screams*

Rex: *steps into room 1* oh right... dead body... *steps out and heads back to dining hall*

Amethyst:*enters a bedroom and sits down*

Skyla: *Enters Amethyst's room* hey, Amethyst. I remember you from school.

Amethyst: Hey, Skyla! How've you been?

Skyla: Great! How are you? Not so great news about Jagner... poor guy.....

Amethyst:Yeah... anyways, how are you and Tim? (Just talk about it.)

Danno: *enters* yeah, how are you and Tim?

Skyla: Great! I'm going downstairs. They've found the poison!! *walks down stairs*

Danno: *enters room 7* quick get Gunter in here!

Tsela and Skyla: *Put Gunter on the bed*

Danno: Do you think he'll be OK?

Skyla: Wait i took medical in collage. Leave me to do this.

Tsela: Your our last chance, Skyla.

Skyla: *Checks Gunter's mouth* Sorry, but this poison its Desqeda poison. It kills the victim within 30 muinites. I'm sorry.

Danno: No actually that looks more like a simple common cold! It has nothing to do with the food! (Zanna, if you're trying to kill yourself, please make it be unrelated to what's happening, also too whoever pkays Skyla, you aren't allowed to just randomly make things up like that)

Tsela: Sorry Danno, she fell when she was a baby and she can get a bit stupid. Glad to see Gunter's ok.

Skyla: Sorry!!! Yay Gunter's ok. (I posted something on the talk page, plz answer me.)

Rex: it's just food poisoning... (OMG Jagner put me in charge while he's gone thursday and friday :O YAY :D)

Danno: Yeah it's just food poisoning (Skyla, the first elimination will happen very, very soon.

(Zanna: I'm trying to make it sound like the killer is out for everyone)

(proberly. my guess is that it's going to play out a bit like the trials, one person disapears of dies each day. but that's my theory)

Johnny: *Enters*This is crazy

Victoria: *Enters mumbling*It was a mistake coming here.

Skyla: Stop acting really grumpy and quiet!! it's so annoying!

Murder in the Dark!!!Edit

Danno: I'm off to sleep

Harriet: me too

After everyone is in bed and the lights have gone out there is a scream. It is Harriet. She is dead...

Rex: woah... *runs up to harriets room* *gasp* harriet... is dead O_O (*gasp in real life* i think my theory is correct ._.)

Danno: Holy S***, Harriet is dead!

Tyran: who could have killed her?

Eve: *runs into Harriet's room* AHHH *passes out*

Gunter: *catches Eve before she hits the floor*

Skyla: *sceams and faints*

Rex: O_O (zanna, did jagner ask you to change the elimination table?)

(Jagner: Zanna, I didn't ask you, but you really made it better. Thank you, although please ask me first.)

Here are some additional rules. Please go to my talk page and say who you think did it. Do not look on my talk page for who other people thought did it. I will delete them soon afterwards so that no one will know who's getting eliminated. You win by guessing the correct killer, and you need proof. You can't just go, IT WAS YOU and randomly get it right. The guessing process has now begun...

The Dagger

The dagger used to kill Harriet...

Danno: *sees a dagger on the ground and looks at it*

Rex: Suzy... did you see anything? (roommates :P)

Danno: Yeah, Suzy did you see anything?

Tyran: you two are, or should i say were, roommates

Danno: mabye there's a clue on the knife...

Rex: *pulls the knife out of harriet* (assuming it's still in her :P)

Tsela: Another brutal murder...... who's next? (i'm scared LOL)

Rex: mabe johnny, or victoria... (me too)

Suzy: I Saw a guy who i think it was guy, with a Knife in his hand, and put into something, that may be Harriet.

Tsela: You must have been terrified!

Danno: Yeah! I've never seen, anyone actually die before, I've only seen their mangled dead bodies. We should probably inspect the dagger, we haven't had a clue this close to us before. (3/6 users have voted and It's still likely to be anyone...)

Suzy: im a Doctor! *looks a Dagger* it has o negitive AND o postive blood on it.

Danno: No, that looks more like plain blood to me

Eve: I wonder who it was

Gunter: *starts coughing*

Danno: Gunter, whats up?

Gunter: *starts chocking and turns blue*

Danno: *starts whacking Gunter's back trying to get whatever he's choking on out*

Gunter: *falls to ground*

Danno: *continues trying to save him*

Gunter: *slowly closes his eyes*

Danno: *gives up on trying to save him* Don't die now dude!!!

Gunter: *lays on ground*

Danno: *checks Gunter's pulse*

Suzy: MOVE! *Pushes Danno to the side and check his pulse* hes dead.

Danno: Holy Crap!!!!

Gunter: *sits up* What happened?

Danno: Really suzy. No pulse eh. ( I thought that might happen so I didn't say that you were dead. Nate did so I edited it so that he was wrong)

Gunter: I'm Ok

Danno: Phew. We thought you were dead for a second

Suzy: its a miricle!

Danno: I'm tired. I'm gonna look for more clues in the morning

In the morning...Edit

Kitchen (Crime Scene 1.1)Edit

  • Tyran struggles to clean the knife

Tyran: dried blood >_> *leaves knife here and goes to have breakfast*

  • Knife falls off the bench and flips over, landing on the ground...

Skyla: *Steps on knife* Owwww....

Danno: Hey! Are you okay?

Skyla: *Is bleeding* Get me a cloth please! Ouch....

Danno: Sure thing *finds a cloth and passes it to Skyla*

Skyla: *Puts cloth on foot* thanks. Danno... I'm scared... (If i'm safe in this episode, are you going to put a yellow background because im hurt?)

Danno: Why

Skyla: The killer! They're still on the loose....

Tyran: Guys, have we looked at this side of the knife yet?

The other side of the Dagger

The other side of the knife

Skyla: No, I dont think so... why?

Tyran: take a close look

Skyla: *Looks really closeley*

Tyran: it looks like the words 'X-ray Emergancy Radiation' (wow the words are tiny O_o)

Skyla: You'r right *Foot starts to turn purple* Uh.... help me....

Tyran: *lossens the cloth abit*

Skyla: I... feel.... so, so... weak.. *passes out*

Tyran: o_O *picks her up and takes her to her room*

(Zanna: I don't put anything on the Elimination board till after a death or the end of the day. If you don't die in this episode it will be yellow since you got injured, though)

(Jagner: That's what I hoped you'ld do)

Dining Room (Crime Scene 1.0)Edit

Tyran: *pours a bowl of cereal*

Rex: *pours a glass of water and then walks out of the room sipping it*

Danno: Hey, do you have any idea who the murderer is?

Rex: not really, but i think it might have been gunter

Danno: what makes you think it was him? Also did you here! Victoria copped it!

Rex: it couldn't have been pure chance that he found that cloak. and yeah i heard a scream and i guessed that it was victoria

Danno: ahhhh...

Rex: who do you think done it?

Danno: I don't have a clue

Rex: ok... i think jagner installed a pool somewhere, i'm going to go find it

  • Rex notices a pool outside

Rex: cool *goes swimming in the pool*


All Rooms have a computer

Suzy: *Goes on computer and looks up the Mansion that she is in* Oh my.

  • Suzy funds out nothing about the mansion

Eve: *gets on Facebook*

Gunter: *looks for clues on files*

Eve: *updates her status*

Amethyst:*logs on and googles "killer"*

  • Amethyst finds this

Gunter: *looks for a file named "Killer Notes"*

(Zanna: Can I be the official Elimination Table Editor?)

(Jagner: sure)

Gunter: I wonder if this place has Security Cameras? *goes to search for Security Cameras*

(can i still change the person's color when they die? you said i could)

(yeah sure)

Tyran: *walks into room 6 and takes a closer look at the knife*

  • Tyran doesn't see anything.

Danno: *browses the internet*

Tyran: *walks into room 2 and takes out a bottle of purple liquad from his bag* medicane time *drinks the liquad*

Skyla: *Is sleeping on bed, her foot is still bleeding a bit...*

Gunter: *looks at security camera for shadows*

(Jagner: when looking on the other wiki, don't exspect a responce straight away.)

(Zanna: This is getting so suspenseful.....Can't wait to see who gets killed net)

Gunter: *looks closely at shadows*

  • All Gunter can see is a cloak of some sort

Gunter: *looks very close at cloak and sees a tag from party city hanging off of it*

(Zanna: ^ I hope that isn't godplay....if it is....sorry) (It kind of is. I don't mind godplayers I always have away to get around them...)

Danno: *walks in* hey! why does he have that piece of paper on his cloak? *continues the video and the piece of paper falls of...*

Gunter: What room did Harriet die in....cause I gotta get that tag....I can bring it to Party city and they can tell us who bought it......Let's go *runs to look for tag*

Room 6 (Crime Scene 2)Edit

Tyran: >_> i'm going to go clean the knife then someone else can look at it *goes to kitchen to clean knife* Tsela: Someone might have to analyze the blood on the floor....

Suzy: still o negitive and postive.

Tyan: *pulls out a machine from his pocket and tests the blood* wrong >_> it's A positive

Danno: *finds tag* hey! It's not from party city it's from some random place in... in China.

Gunter: Well then let's go!

Danno: TO CHINA!!!!!

Gunter: Yeah!

Danno: We can't go to China (If you ever find a way it's godplaying, and I never wanted this tag to exsist. Seeing as we've found all of these clues the next murder will happen soon, and it might just be you...)

(Zanna: This is like Pretty Little Liars......and clue.....Which I love both......Yeah you should kill Gunter and then the killer will leave a note....saying he knew too much)

Suzy: *Reads Tag and it says SHI ZHI VILLANS COSTUME INC.* Look at this.

Jagner: (zanna it's not bad but I'm gonna kill someone else next)

(Zanna: Well when Gunter does get killed I want the killer to leave hta note)

(Jagner: fine)

Suzy: is anyone going to listen to me!

(Zanna: cn somewone else die know? I kinda can't wait.....this is so suspenseful)

(Jagner: I'll kill someone really soon. I'm kinda scared cause this is my first semi sucessful camp and it's entertaining people!)

(Zanna: Yep!)

(Jagner: Make sure nothing important happens in the next ten mins, gotta have breakfast. That's why time zones reek)

(Jagner: I'm back! That took 4 minutes! wow! speed eating! Please continue searching for clues...)

(Can you respond to Suzy please)

Gunter: Oh.....*takes the tag from Suzy........let me look this website up and I'll call them.......*gets on computer*

Gunter: Uggg translator isn't working....I'll just try to contact one of my Chinese friends *looks threw contacts*

(Zanna: this is where someone should die and then they forget what thre doing after the murder cause know they gotta solve two)

(Jagner: I don't understand what your saying, should I just kill someone now?)

(Zanna: Yeah cause I can't wait to see who dies....cause It so interesting)

Vicotoria: *enters* hey! What's up!

The lights go off. When they come back on again Victoria is on the ground and appears to have a Javelin through her stomach. Footsteps can be heard run away...

Gunter: The killer's getting away! Get it! *runs*

Eve: *looks at victoria* Oh my! *changes status, saying something about another death at this place*

Danno: It could of been anyone! It could even be you! *points at Gunter*

Gunter: Crap! The killer just got away

Danno: Or it was you pretending youn got away *keeps on pointing at Gunter*

Gunter: how do we know it wasn't you! *points at Danno*

Eve: *plays Farmville*

Gunter: *looks at security cameras for another shadow*

Skyla: *Limps into room* He- AAAAH!

Danno: I know. She's dead... ( i Know I'm also chatting with Rex up top but as the creator of this camp, I think I can be in two places at once)

Skyla: I thought she was the killer! Poor Vicky...

Tsela: *Takes javelin out of Victoria* Ewwww....

  • Tsela notices something written on the Javelin but can't quite make out what it is

Danno:* Notices it too and has a closer look...*

  • It says "Xtreme Energy Radios"

Skyla: First X Ray radiation, now Xtreme Energy Radios....

Tsela: I'm going to the pool.

Skyla: *Logs on computer and types in "Rex"* (She wants to find out stuff about him :P)

Tyran: *overlooks* i can tell you stuff about rex

Skyla: *smiles* Tell me everything.

Tyran: first, tell me why you want to know about him

Skyla: The way he's always angry and grumpy... y'know

Tyran: he's had a rough life. His mom died when he was only 6 and then his dad married jagner's mom. he thought that his dad was trying to replace his mum

Skyla: Oh.. well i've had a similar life... my parents died 15 years ago.. I was raised by Tsela, i know how he feels....

Tyran: yeah... i think he has had interaction with everyone here... i know he wanted a job at my corperation

Skyla: Anyway, thanks for talking to me. (Hello people Tsela's hurt!)

Tsela: *Walks in to room* I dont feel good..... *collapses*

Danno: Are you OK?


Danno: This is an awesome pool *jumps in*

Rex: yeah *dives in*

Tsela: Hey! *Dives in*

Rex: at the rate people are dying, someone will proberly die here... proberly by drowning... but that's just a possiblity

Tsela: *Climbes out of pool and slips on the tiles and bangs head against wall* Owww

Danno: *looks at Tsela* Are you okay

Do you now think someone else did it? Tell me who did it on my talk page. MY TALK PAGE ZANNA, NOT THIS ONE!!!!

Tsela: I think so. *gets up*

Danno: it was quite a big knock, you sure your OK?

Rex: *throws a coin in the air*

Danno: whacha doing with that coin?

Rex: *catches it and then tosses it in the air again* just throwing it and catching it

Danno: OK (GTG)

Johnny: *Walks into the pool*How is anybody going to survive, everyday someone dies!

Danno: Yeah, I know. We don't have much time to find out who did it.

Tsela: Ouch... I'm going to my room to rest. see ya. *Walks up stairs*

Danno: Yeah See ya!

Skyla: Hey Danno! Hey Johnny! Hey Rex! *dives in pool*

Danno: Hey Skyla, who do you think did it?

Skyla: *Whisper's in ear* either Johnny or Gunter...

Rex: *catches coin and tosses it again* hi

Skyla: Hey Rex, whats up?

Rex: *catches coin and tosses it again* nothing

Skyla: Why are you tossing that coin?

Rex: *catches coin and tosses it again* just bored

Skyla: Oh. Can I see the coin? (When is the next murder it's so suspenceful :P)

Rex: *catches coin and tosses it again* nah, i just want to toss it around

Skyla: Who do you think the killer is?

Rex: johnny

Skyla:I think it's Johnny aswell.....

Another Murder...Edit

D.anno: I think I found a clue up in the attic! It needs to be filmed though. I'll film it and Amethyst you can show it to the camera

Amethyst: OK *goes up to the attic with danno*

Danno: It's quite dark up here... starts filming...

All of a sudden a figure jumps out of the shadows and pushes Amethest out the window...

Danno: HOLY CRAP!!!!! *drops the camera and runs...*

The Killer: *Escapes*

Danno: *escapes* Who could of done sucha thing?

Johnny: *Whispers to Danno*I think Rex, he hated Jagner, and probably Victoria for saving his life, and then maybe wanted to be the ONLY enemy of Jagner, and Harriet is his facebook friend so that's what I think.

Gunter: OMG!

Eve: *faints*

Tyran: *overhears johnny* it couldn't have been him, Rex may not like Jagner but he didn't want to kll him

Johnny: *Whispers to Tyran*Then who do you think it is, my main guess is still Rex, though.

Suzy: *is in the attic at the time and goes downstairs* (DUN DUN DUN!)

Tyran: i thought it was amethest, but now she's dead... mabye suzy

Eve: *comes inside mansion from the outside* What did I miss?

Gunter: Another person died.......what were you doing outside....and Suzy what were you doing in the attic

Eve: *gasps when she hears about the death* Oh I was talking on my phone

Suvy: *has a knife in her hand and drops on her toe, chopping it off* WHAT- *Sees her toe* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Rex: *walks in with what looks like dog claw and bite marks on him* :'(

Danno: *sees rex* what happened?

Rex: Wild dogs :'(

Danno: Where?

Rex: *hear's banging on door* that explain it?

Danno: ahhhh.....

Tyran: *looks at Amethest through window* guys, dogs are eating her O_o

Danno: *Looks Down* ewwwwwwwww

Suzy: HELP ME!

Rex: *looks down as well* oh man, gross *spews* poor amethest

(respond to suzy)

Danno: Suzy, what's happening?

Gunter: *rolls eyes* Suzy you idiot.....*takes knife out of her toe* There! Be careful!

Johnny: Okay, what were you doing Rex and Suzy?

Danno: Yeah! We all have no idea what's you we're doing

Suzy: well, i was there to find some games for us to play- *takes out a lie deteactor* want to use it!


Searching for CluesEdit

The Kitchen (crime scene 1.1)Edit

The Dining Room (crime scene 1.0)Edit


Skyla: *walks into room crying*

Danno: Skyla, why are you crying?

Skyla: Well, Amethyst was my friend and now shes dead! i cant take it anymore!!!!!

Rex: showing signs of weakness, means your next... the killer is proberly testing our will to survive (SAW reference FTW :D)

Skyla: Your right, if im going to live, I have to be strong! Thanks Rex.

Rex: *smiles* I hear that tyran is making a grave for those who died

Skyla: I'm going to help him. *runs outside*

Room 6 (crime scenes 2 & 3)Edit

The Attic (crime scene 4.1)Edit

Tsela: *Searches in random boxes*

Rex: *runs in a crashes into her* OW!!! DOG BITES AND CLAWS PLUS CRASHING HURTS DX

Tsela: Ouch! *under her breath* idiot....

Rex: the dogs *huddles in corner and rocks in the fetal postistion*

Tyran: Tsela, can you check the secruity cameras? (i would do it, but jagner says i already do too much >_>)

Tsela: *Checks camera's*

Suzy: *Takes the Cameras and samshes it into pieces and jumps out the window and lands hurt, but not dead*

Rex: she must be the killer!

Danno: Get Her!

Gunter: *runs down stairs fast and goes outside*

Eve: *follows with phone updating status*

The Backyard (crime scene 4.0)Edit

Amythst's body can be found here

Gunter: *takes picture's of bodies*

Eve: *updates status*

Gunter: *test for finger-prints on Amythst body*

  • Gunter finds some (Now you can go around checking people to see if they are the murderer. Just say *cecks fingerprints when you're near a character and I will say if they match. You will need the characters permission first)

Gunter: Eve and I chec kyo fingers

Eve: sure

Gunter: *checks Eve's Fingersprints*

  • Doesn't match

Suzy:*puts on a bandaid and goes outside*

Suzy: *goes to gunter* you can check mine!

Gunter: *checks Suzy*

  • Don't Match

Gunter: Y'all Everyone is Guilty until proven innocent

(Zanna: I love these quotes)

Eve: And Everyone is innocent until proven Guilty

Rex: it would be pointless the check my fingerprints *holds up hands and shows he has major claw marks on his fingers*

Danno: *gets Gunter to check Rex's fingerprints*

  • Doesn't match

Tyran: here check mine *gets gunter to check his*

  • Doesn't Match

Rex: wait.. aren't there wild dogs out here? *gets bit by a dog and rruns inside*

Skyla: AAh! Poor Amethyst.....

Danno: I know... It's horrible (check out security cameras BR222. You'll find some useful information.)

Tyran: OUCH! *is getting bit by dogs* EVERYONE INSIDE DX

Danno: *runs inside*

Skyla: *Dashes inside*

Tsela: *Looks at Suzy* she is really hurt!

Danno: Suzy! are you OK?

Suzy: i. work. for the killer his name is *passes out*

(First off, I've already got a killer and it's one of you guys. If you just say "I'm the killer' this camp doesn't work.)

Tsela: Suzy?

Rex: She smashed the secruity cameras!

Skyla: now we dont have any evidence.....*sarcasticlly* thanks Suzy.... *walks away*

Tyran: we still have one piece of evidence *takes the camera from amythest's hands* :P she gave us one clue from her death :'(

Tsela: She was in Skyla's class in high school..... she must feel terrible :'(

Rex: play the camera

Tsela: *switches camera on*

  • (guys, Danno was filming but he dropped the camera. I'm just gonna do what he filmed)

Danno: Are you ready...

Amythst: yeah...

Danno: I think it was somewhere over there... *points to an area

While they are both looking around a man/woman in a black cloak jumps out from nowhere and pushes Amythst out the window. The killer also jumps out the window but with such skill that they land unarmed...

Danno: *drops the camera and it stops filming....)

Johnny: So who could it be....

Danno: It could be who?

GunteR: *watches video*

  • Gunter Notices something that he is not sure he has really seen so he keeps it to himself. He will find out what it is on his talk page soon. Then after he says so it will be deleted off his talk page.

Tyran: it couldn't be suzy... when she jumped she got hurt... or was she faking?

Tsela: Maybe..... we need more evidence..... check my fingers Gunter.

Skyla: Tyran? TYRAN?

Tsela: Wait hang on..... the killer jumped out of the window... so they must have had time to run back upstairs. But if they didn't, Nate and Johnny didn't come upstairs.......... I'm convinced Johnny's the killer.

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